Tankito30 Quad Carbon Fiber Frame

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Bringing the toughness and innovation you're used to from Flying Cinema, we present to you the sibling to the CineTank, the powerful, sporty, aerobatic, stylish and ultimate fun-mode quadcopter that will make a happy addition to your Flying Cinema fleet.

Small Aerobatic Quadcopter

The Tankito series comes with both tilted and non-tilted arms standard with every frame, it also includes a GoPro vibration dampening system and protective cage angled at 10 degrees for forward flying (Mobius camera attachment will be available as an extra accessory).

This frame has 3 plates vs. the conventional 4 plates used for vibration dampening, giving you a great amount of weight reduction. Just like the Cinetank, the Tankito FPV camera is positioned on bottom frame to allow low proximity flying. 

The Tankito frame is compatible with the CineTank plastic motor mounts (PN10012) and landing pads (Please contact us for this feature)


Tankito30 features: 

  • 295mm Diagonal dimension
  • G10 and Carbon Fiber options available
  • Flat arms configuration and 10 degree tilted arms with the same spacers (Tilted arms include pictures or detail close up)
  • 10 degree FPV tilted camera
  • GoPro and Xiaomi Yi Compatible
  • Frontal bumper for additional protection
  • Mobius camera compatible
  • Bottom plate hatch, gives you easy access to electronics
  • Bottom section has large capacity for electronics
  • 32x32 board camera compatible (prefer fastening method cable ties)
  • 35mm tall section standard, to allow for more battery options
  • Battery sizes 2200 to 4000mha 4s


Product weight 224gr with 3d printed motor adapters

Carbon Fiber version (1.5mm, 2mm and 4mm thick plates)


Tankito 30 Kit Includes:

  • Tankito 30 Frame: All plates including camera mounting plates and arms
  • Hardware pack with vibration dampers, Wera Screw Driver
  • M3 Stainless Steel socket bottom head screws for motors
  • GoPro Lens Cover


Tankito30 Documentation 


Recommended Power System

  • Cobra2208 2000kv /  SunnySky 2207 2100Kv
  • BLheli Flashed 20A and 30A FlyingCinema ESCs
  • 4s 2200mha up to 4000mha (depending on build size) High C discharge rate. 
  • Flight Controller CC3d, Revo, Naze32 or any 36x36 size board


Naze PID controller 1

set pid_controller = 1
set p_pitch = 66
set i_pitch = 43
set d_pitch = 32
set p_roll = 36
set i_roll = 32
set d_roll = 36
set p_yaw = 93
set i_yaw = 46
set d_yaw = 10

OP revo or CC3D

Upgrade to latest firmware and select Tankito from the cloud config

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