CineTank MK 1 L

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CineTank MK 2 L 

This Quadcopter has all the features you would want in an acrobatic and aerial sport video platform


  • 514mm diagonal Motor-to-motor
  • 8" and 12" props max
  • Jello Free
  • No props in view even with GoPro Wide settings
  • Carbon Fiber Arms that provide better aerodynamics and vibration dampening
  • G10 frame with honeycomb design to add strength and drastically reduce weight, also RF transparent for better range
  • All hardware is hex M3 stainless steel, only one tool needed to assemble the frame
  • Wera hex driver included with every frame kit
  • Flight controller mounting holes to support cc3d, Revo, Naze32, KK2, ArduPilot, etc
  • Motor Mounts support inverted motors for X8-Octocopter layout
  • The dirty section (bottom) has walls to increase strength and torsional rigidity of the copter and also protects your ESCs and other electronics
  • Camera plate adjust fore and aft to change CoG and help you balance your craft
  • Wires from motors can be routed via the carbon fiber tubes to protect them in the event of a crash
  • The motor mounts are designed to protect motors and motor wires in the event of a crash
  • Low profile landing gear pads
  • Made in the USA of foreign and domestic parts
  • Free shipping for Continental US orders

  • Documents

  • Download the BoM and Manual
  • 3d Model and eDrawings Viewer
  • Template For Carbon Fiber Arms Here
  • Battery Compartment Dimensions Here
  • Build Video Series - Episode 1 - Contents of Kit ---- Episode 2 - Official Build Video MkI
  • Build Logs - Sine's Cinetank Cnut's Cinetank

    PID Settings -

  • MultiWii\Naze32
  • OpenPilot CC3D
  • OpenPilot Revo
  • DJI Naza-M V1 & V2
  • DJI Naza Lite
  • APM

    Recommended Power System-

  • SunnySky V3508 750kv, 580kv, 380kv or Tiger MN3508 750kv, 580kv, 380kv
  • SimonK Flashed F30a 4S, Afro ESC 30Amp4S, FlyingCinema Power Pack 30A 4S, Castle creations Quad Pack 6S,
  • 4s and 6s configurations

    Spare Parts - Cine Tank Mk.I Replacement Parts

    Available at:

  • - Australia
  • - Germany
  • - UK

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